Advanced Audio Services

Advanced Audio Services 5

Advanced Audio Services available!

1 – Audio Restoration (DAT, Vinyl, Cassette)

Remove disturbing Noise, Hiss, Hum, Clicks, Crackles & Glitches.

Advanced Audio Services

2 – Restore lost and damaged track parts!

This is a special service for artists, DJ’s and collectors. Save rare and unreleased stuff that only exists on your Dat tape and nowhere else! As i am also a musician & a DJ (thus know exactly what to do), this service is truly one of a kind, probably worldwide! I have done it countless times for DAT Records, for myself and for few collectors, with over 90% success.

Advanced Audio Services 2

3 – Audio Enhance (Equalization, Dynamics, Channel Balance, Spectral Repair etc.)

Revitalize your music! Ideal mostly for DAT & Vinyl rips, however, during years of research, i found out that most of the Vinyl releases plus a lot of commercially released CD’s (mostly from the 90’s) are of very poor quality and some of them are not mastered at all!

Advanced Audio Services 3

4 – Professional Digital Mastering for all kinds of electronic music *

Digital Mastering made with audio software, though can make your mix decent and transparent, it CAN NOT be compared, with a true hardware mastering by a professional! It is a good solution for those who can not afford to pay the (usually) vast amount of money those professionals ask and it is also ideal as a pre-final state of your mix, as you can do things that are not possible to be done with hardware tools! (such as different EQ and different Dynamics to different parts of the track). However, if you plan to release your music on a good label, it is strongly advised, for the final state of your mix, to go for the real thing!

Advanced Audio Services 4

* Prices after agreement
* Contact: [email protected]


Musician, DJ, Composer, Producer, Audio Engineer. Specialist in Goa & Psychedelic Trance DJ sets, playing exclusively rare and unreleased music, mainly (but not limited to) from the golden decade 1995 – 2005. A huge collector of all kinds of psychedelic music, from the 60's until today, has also extensive knowledge of Rock, Jazz and Ethnic music.Born in Athens, Greece and start working as a rock DJ on 1985 and played in many legendary places, including the “Obre” and “Crazy Horse” rock clubs in Athens.He played first time electronic music (Acid & Goa Trance) in the summer of 1990 from cassette tapes which were brought from Goa by Teo (now owner of Disco Valley Records) and few other friends. In 1993 arriving in Goa and influenced by the new psychedelic revolution. Returning to Greece, started to collect this new music and soon began to play in outdoor parties, at first using vinyls and later DAT tapes.Between 1995 and 2000 he played in a lot of parties, clubs and festivals mainly to Greece, India, Thailand, Switzerland and Germany. At the same time start to produce his own music as Liquid Sun. In 2002 played in the after party of Samothraki Dance Festival and the next years, continued but mainly focused on his own music.Between March 2012 and May 2015 he was co-manager of Space Alchemy Lab net label (founded by Oberon). The label provided 19 digital releases, focused mainly on Psy-Trance. He also involved on radio producing, making the “Tales Of Goa” series on Dice Radio, were he was mixing live every Thursday.Meanwhile, he became a major, ever-active contributor in the popularization of the new Goa Trance movement. In 2013 created both the Facebook group “Rare & Unreleased Electronic Psychedelia 1990 – 2005” and the website of the ambitious Unreleased Goa Project, where he published countless archive pages and referenced hundreds of Unreleased Goa and Psy-Trance tracks by famous and obscure artists from the 90’s to the early 00’s.Since 2014 he is an official label DJ and audio restoration engineer of DAT Records and has played at many Retro Goa & Psy-Trance parties and festivals in Greece, Israel, Belgium, Croatia, Romania, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden and Spain.


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